Academic Writing

Hyper-Dimensional Level Design

Hypder-Dimensional Level Design is a paper exploring the potential for four dimensional projections to be used in games, including:

An introduction into what it means to have more than three spatial dimensions,

A synopsis of the research conducted into how the human brain interprets four dimensions,

A study of the previous history of four-dimensional artistic endeavor, and

A look at how current examples use four-dimensions in games.

By looking at the past and present artistic applications and technical understanding of the fourth dimension, this paper aims to develop an understanding of how, when, and why 4D can and should be used in the modern game industry.

Motion Capture in Live Theatre

This research proposal seeks to explore how motion capture technology can be best used within live theatre performances, with respect to its effects on production costs, health and safety for actors, and overall effects on revenue, alongside an inquiry into the limitations of the technology within the live performance industry.

Researchers will work with theatres and animation studios under various production budgets to create multiple productions of Shakespeare’s Macbeth that incorporate motion capture technology.

Analysis of polled audience reactions, performer and crew responses, and changes to revenue across these productions will be conducted to determine how the inclusion of motion capture technology effects the quality of performance.