Cactical Scooter

“When you have to scoot, scoot. Don't talk.”

Cactical Scooter is a 2D action platformer for PC. You play as Armand the Armadillo, an aspiring young cowboy trying to save his hometown of Dusty Banks from the mysterious corporation that is poisoning the water supply and turning all of the desert plant life into zombies!

This is the first title from CubeFruit Games, and is made as a final capstone project for the Bachelor of Game Design program at Sheridan College.

Results and Learning Outcomes:

As the Technical Designer for CubeFruit Games, Eliza's role was primarily based in being the core programmer for the project, as well as working as a supervisor for playtesting and external audio work. Through this role she learned invaluable skills in production management and worked diligently to create an excellent final product that ran a demonstration at XP Game Developer Summit in April 2021.


Technical Designer


Unity, Visual Studio (C#)