When a strange, enigmatic child comes into possession of a magical artifact that allows them to temporarily slow and even stop time, they choose to take the matters of the world into their own hands. Cozé, a young elf, wishes to attain control of time and space itself. The only thing that stands between them and their goal are the ancient primordial gods whose powers they aim to claim as their own.

Chronologix is a 2D action adventure game designed in the "Metroidvania" style, with a key focus on the players ability to Explore, Unlock Abilities, and Empathize with the characters throughout the game.

Results and Learning Outcomes:

Working as the primary programmer for the project, Eliza was in charge of maintaining accurate documentation for technical features while performing iterative rapid-prototyping on new ideas.


Game Designer, Programmer


Microsoft Office, Unity, Visual Studio (C#)

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