Paging Doctor Atom

What happens when the worst happens, and the world ends?

This was the basis for the narrative behind this level design submission for Ubisoft Next 2019.

With a challenge focused on creating a level where light and height are the main restrictions on the player, this level inspired by Far Cry 5 is designed with Ubisoft's "360 Approach" in mind.

Results and Learning Outcomes:

Within the Ubisoft Next 2019 Competition, this project was one of the few that were chosen to continue beyond initial pitches and into the development stage.

This was an early exploration for Eliza into the realm of AAA standards for documentation and design, and having the opportunity to be mentored by professional level designers has proven invaluable to her design sensibilities.


Level Designer


Microsoft Office, Adobe Suite, Unreal Engine, Unreal Blueprints

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