Sublimely Subliminal

ctOS, the world’s leading technological corporation, are unveiling a new product at a high society gala –
an industrial robot that can be controlled with the user’s brain waves. It just so happens that ctOS terms
of service for the device also let them implant memories as they see fit during the process, allowing
them to control brand awareness, affect global politics, and who knows what else. The player has been
tasked with hacking into the test system set up for the gala’s demonstration, and making sure the whole
world knows what ctOS has done and that they won’t be able to get away with it.

Results and Learning Outcomes:

Following up on previous success with the Ubisoft Next Level Design competition, this entry focused on creating compelling gameplay with a limited set of level and technical design tools.

With a level loosely inspired by the Masonic Temple in Toronto, a space rented out for various events, this level was designed to accommodate the three primary playstyles that Ubisoft bases its design on - Stealth, Pacifism, and Aggression.


Level Designer


Microsoft Office, Adobe Suite, Unreal Engine, Unreal Blueprints

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